Why I Am Running for Public Office

I am running for public Office to expose and eliminate the institutional corruption in government, significantly reduce the size and scope of government to function more effectively within constitutional parameters; and, restore political power, liberty and justice to all Ohio citizens.

My political loyalty is only to the citizens of Ohio and not to any so called "Elite Party Leadership" or "Special Interest Group". However, I cannot accomplish anything worthwhile for citizens without citizens' active support. Unfortunately today the world turns on intentional misinformation, concealment or misdirection of the truth, and gossip.

Because public corruption has been institutionalized by a corrupt judiciary, our constitutionally required bottom up government has been inverted to an abusive controlling top down intractable bureaucracy.

I am not a politician. I have no magical powers. I don't make deals. I don't show or accept favoritism. I will make my public life as transparent and open as the law will allow. What I know will be available for you to know. But most importantly, what you know, your ideas, and your concerns will be heard by me and we will diligently work to implement your solutions for better government. I will represent you by listening to you, by understanding your issue(s), by reasonably debating issues and solutions, and then by broadcasting your voice with clarity and definite purpose.

All that I do in my personal life, and all that I will do serving in my public life; I do to glorify God in accordance with Biblical principles in the way of my Lord Jesus. This I reveal, not so that you think me religious because I'm not, but so that you may be confident that I will not bring shame upon you who support me and you that I will represent. My human character traits of humility, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness have no place in a government governed by the rule of law.

To be fair and just, every Ohio law and policy must have a single definite constitutionally legitimate objective and must be applicable to every single citizen. I am an objective purist. Laws and policy must be enacted and enforced without consideration or influence of any personal emotion or bias. Unfortunately this is not the case with many of our current laws. I will endeavor to repeal or amend all unjust laws to which you make me aware.

I am familiar with the size and scope of government fraud, corruption and waste; and, together we will investigate any incident of fraud, corruption and waste; report each finding; when criminal refer for prosecution; and, recommend processes and procedures to eliminate government fraud, corruption and waste.

In truth, by employing the Rules of Reason and adhering to the Laws of Rational Thought, with a diligent concerted effort, we can effect real measurable improvement in government so that you will know that you made Ohio better for you and the next generation.

I earnestly seek your support now for my campaign. I earnestly seek your future support to improve our government. And, I earnestly seek your vote for me, Joseph P. Ebbing for State Senator on or before Tuesday, March 15, 2016.